Natural Root Beer Flavour Extract (4oz)

All Natural Root Beer Flavouring - 4 fl oz (118 ml)

  • $8.99

Everyone’s favourite non-alcoholic beer equivalent, root beer is known for its refreshing character and distinct flavour.

Of course, there are many commercial examples of alcoholic root beer, or craft beers brewed with either sarsaparilla or sassafras that lend the drink its specific taste and aroma. But there’s definitely something special about the classic sweet, flavourful non-alcoholic version of the drink that puts a smile on your face makes you want to drink it on a hot summer day.

Well, if it’s the root beer flavour you’re after in your next brewing experiment, it’s definitely good to have some Brewer’s Best All Natural Root Beer Flavouring.

Usage: Made out of natural ingredients and formulated to approximate the distinct character of classic root beer, this flavour extract allows you to obtain the desired results in a very simple way.

Just add the entire bottle’s contents to a standard 5 gallon batch of homebrew prior to bottling, and you will get a beer with the distinct flavour of classic root beer. The base beer can be of virtually any style, though Stouts, Porters, Brown Ales, and Amber Ales seem to be the best fit in terms of overall flavour.

And you can also use this extract in ciders, wines, meads, and sodas as well!

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