Natural Licorice Flavour Extract

All Natural Licorice Flavouring - 4 fl oz (118 ml)

  • $9.19

The flavour of licorice is an integral part of many beer styles, such as Stout, Porter, Brown Ale and many others. It is usually obtained through the use of specialized malts that impart a licorice-like flavour to the final beer.

However, sometimes a beer needs a more amplified flavour than any specialized malt can deliver. In cases like these it's best to use actual licorice or all natural licorice flavouring that will imbue the brew with the distinct candy-like flavour this herb is famous for.

Usage: With Brewer's Best All Natural Licorice Flavouring you can always get the pleasant and intense flavour of licorice in a controlled and predictable fashion.

All you need to do is add the bottle's contents into the final beer when bottling or kegging, and you will notice the distinct licorice flavour shining through in a pronounced yet balanced fashion.

Since this extract uses all natural ingredients, it doesn't impart an artificial character some other flavourings are infamous for. And you can also use the extract for adding licorice to virtually any homemade drink, including cider, wine, mead, soda, and others.

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