Natural Almond Flavour Extract

Natural Almond Flavour Extract - 4 fl oz (118 ml)

  • $8.49

Have a recipe that could use a touch of almond in the overall palate?

Well, with Brewer’s Best Natural Almond Flavouring, you can add the desired taste without having to source actual almond nuts and clogging up the boiler with extra trub.

This natural flavouring offers an exciting and easy way of expanding your beer’s flavour profile that is indistinguishable from using all-natural almond nuts. In fact, with such a flavouring, you are more likely to get the desired taste of almond in your beer instead of the real thing, which may require additional recipe adjustments and a larger quantity of nuts.

Usage: Almond flavour goes really well in dark and dense beer styles, especially Robust Porters, Sweet Stouts, and Imperial Stouts.

There are quite a few excellent commercial examples from well-known commercial breweries, and it’s definitely a combination worth trying.

Think of the flavourful Italian Amaretto liquor and incorporate this taste with a thick, roasted Porter or Stout - the combination will definitely be a pleasant treat for cold winter nights, when you need something complex to cheer you up.

Follow the label instructions on the packaging for recommended amounts for beer brewing, and add according to taste when making wine.

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