Muntons Beer Kit - American Light Lager

Muntons Beer Kit - American Light Lager (40 Pint) - 1.5kg

  • $21.49

In the Premium range Muntons brings an American style light Lager to enjoy. American Light Lager is gently flavoured for a refreshing yet full flavour.

Generally, Muntons does not make their extract with barley malt but uses hop malt extract instead. The American style is the exception to that rule. In order to create the great taste of American Lager, barley malt is used along with hops, brewing sugar, and yeast. 23 litres or 40 pints of beer can be made from this kit.
Description: Makes 40 pints or 23 litres of beer
OG: 1036° - 1040°
Instructions: Store the can in a cool dry place until ready to use. Detailed instructions can be found inside the can.

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