Extra Dark Spray Malt DME - 1lb

Extra Dark Spraymalt DME - 1lb

  • $10.49

Brewing a dark, flavourful Porter or Stout doesn’t necessarily require a complex grain bill and complicated mash schedule. Just use Muntons Extra Dark Spraymalt Extract, and you’ll get a rich, dark wort with intense roasted flavour that will make an excellent dark beer in less time than it would take you to mash and sparge the grains.

A single 1lb packet of this dry extract lends up to a gallon of the finished beer, or you can use less water to get a higher original gravity, and respectively a more intense, darker beer.

Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Usage Rate: up to 100%
Colour: Lovibond ° 38.1 (EBC° 100 )

Description: Muntons Extra Dark Spraymalt Extract is different from common dry extracts in the way it’s being produced.

Thanks to a proprietary dehydration process, the resulting extract is very dry and comes in the form of powder that is very easy to handle during the brewday.

It can be used for preparing yeast starters or used for priming bottles without altering the flavour of the beer. You can even use it for pushing the gravity in all-grain recipes, which is very handy when brewing strong beer styles such as Baltic Porter or Imperial Stout.

A particularly helpful ingredient for brewing dark, rich beers.

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