Honey Malt - Gambrinus

Honey Malt - Crushed - Gambrinus - 1lb

  • $1.99

Somewhat similar to German Melanoidin malt, Honey Malt imparts a very pronounced honey-like sweetness without the roasted hints common to most caramel malts.

Description: When you want to add a distinct honey-like flavour to your Amber Ale, Wheat Beer or IPA, Gambrinus Honey Malt will be an excellent choice for doing just that.

Produced from quality Canadian barley, Honey malt involves a special kilning schedule, which delivers a unique flavour profile to the malt.

Gambrinus Honey Malt can add complexity to a broad range of beer styles, from Amber Ales to Porters, with its pleasant honey flavour.
  • Usage Rate: up to 20%
  • Degrees Lovibond: 20 - 25

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