Chocolate Wheat - Weyermann

Chocolate Wheat - Crushed - Weyermann - 1lb

  • $2.75

To add a degree of complexity to Stout, Porter or Dark Lager, try Chocolate Wheat Malt by Weyermann. This excellent roasted malt uses quality German wheat, which adds a certain flavour that isn’t present in common roasted and black malt types.

Country of Origin: Germany
Usage Rate: up to 5%
Colour: Lovibond° 338 - 451 (EBC° 900.5 - 1202.0)

Description: While delivering the deep brown colour and roasted character, Chocolate Wheat also imparts a certain grainy flavour, which balances the sharpness of the roasted malt.

As a result, Chocolate Wheat can be used to substitute specialty dark malts in recipes where a milder roasted character is required. Generally recommended to make up to 5% of the total grist.

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