Ashburne Mild Malt - Briess

Ashburne Mild Malt - Crushed - Briess - 1lb

  • $2.69

When you want to charge your brew with a sensible malty character without making it cloyingly sweet, Briess Ashburne Mild Malt will be an excellent choice for the grain bill. It is a full-fledged base malt made by kilning a special barley variety to a slightly higher degree than ordinary base malts, which results in deeper golden hues and a very peculiar malty flavour.

Description: Ashburne Mild Malt also delivers a sensible amount of dextrins, which contribute to a fuller body, and a more pronounced malty taste with some residual sweetness to it.

It can serve as a base malt for malt-forward styles such as Doppelbock, Barleywine, Brown Ale, and others, or can be employed as a specialty malt at lower rates for adding complexity to a very broad range of beer styles.
  • Colour: 5.3° L (12.6 EBC)

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