Special Roast - Briess

Special Roast - Briess - 1lb

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A deep golden biscuit malt, with a hint of sourdough tang. Great for ales or dark brews.

Description: When a recipe calls for a complex biscuit flavour, Briess Special Roast malt will be an excellent choice for the grain bill.

Using proprietary roasting temperature schedule developed by Briess maltsters, Special Roast delivers a deep golden to copper colour depending on the amount used. But what really makes this malt interesting is the complex biscuit flavour it imparts, with hints of sourdough, toast bread, bran flakes, and a little tang in the aftertaste.

Briess Special Roast usually makes up 5-10% of the grain bill and is an excellent addition to ESB, IPA, Brown Ale, Stout, Porter, and other dark beer styles.
  • Usage Rate: 5 - 10%
  • Degrees Lovibond: 40

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