Special B - Dingemans

Special B - Dingemans - 1lb

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Double dried and deeply roasted, it's strong caramel flavour and hints of raisins give it the perfect flavour profile for brewing Abbey ales and other Belgian beers.

Description: If you want to brew an authentic Belgian Abbey Ale such as Dubbel or Quadruple, Special B malt by Dingemans might be just the detail that will make the recipe shine.

Taken through a unique double drying process, this dark caramel malt contributes a deep amber or dark brown colour, depending on the amount used, and can be used instead of Chocolate malt in cases when roasted bitterness is not desired.

The flavour profile includes notes of raisins and dark sugar, which are an integral part of Belgian Dark Ales. Usually constitutes up to 10% of the grain bill.
  • Usage Rate: up to 10%
  • Degrees Lovibond: 115 - 135

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