Smoked Mesquite Malt - Briess - 1lb

Smoked Mesquite Malt - Briess - 1lb

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It is an indispensable ingredient for brewing smoked beer styles and can be used to deliver a light smokiness at 5-20% of the grain bill in Scottish ales and Rauchbiers, or very pronounced smoked character in smoked Porters and Stouts at up to 60%.

Description: To add a distinct smoky character to a special beer you’ll need a special kind of malt like the Briess Smoked Mesquite Malt.

This light malt has been kilned over smoking mesquite wood, which contributes to a unique flavour and aroma in the final beer.

With a very mild and slightly sweet smoky flavour, Briess Smoked Mesquite malt delivers distinct earthy notes associated with mesquite wood.
  • Usage Rate: up to 60%
  • Degrees Lovibond: 5.0

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