Organic Bonlander Munich Malt - Briess

Organic Bonlander Munich Malt - Briess - 1lb

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Certified Organic 2-row malt grown in the US. Has a rich malty and slightly sweet flavour that has an amber almost orange colour to the wort. This malt brings the Munich style flavour to the brew, but can also be used for any style beer at 1-20% of the mash.

Description: For brewers who want to deliver the rich malty character of Munich malt in an organic fashion into their beer, will surely appreciate Briess Organic Bonlander Munich Malt.

Made from high-quality 2-row barley, which has been certified as organic by an independent institution, this malt is kilned at higher temperatures to obtain the famous bready character of Munich malt.

Briess Organic Bonlander Munich malt delivers a golden colour with orange hues, and a very pronounced malty flavour, which will benefit a broad range of styles. Typically added up to 20% to confer a more malt-forward in Amber Ales, Porters and other beers, it can make up to 50% of the grain bill when brewing traditional Bock-style lagers.
  • Usage Rate: up to 50%
  • Degrees Lovibond: 10

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