English Pale Ale Malt - OiO

English Pale Ale Malt - Rahr/OIO - 1lb

  • $1.69

Produced from Canada-grown 2-row barley similar to traditional British maltsters, English Pale Ale malt is kilned to a light colour. It provides high protein content and enzymatic power.

Description: A great base malt for brewing British Ales and European Lagers, OiO English Pale Ale Malt delivers a very pleasant flavour profile that will be a great addition to a broad range of beer styles.

When making up the entire grain bill, English Pale Ale Malt contributes a pleasant malty flavour with hints of bread, dried fruits and honey. It can be used in a great variety of styles, from malty ESBs and Milds to hop-forward IPAs and dark, roasted Stouts.
  • Usage Rate: up to 100%
  • Degrees Lovibond: 1.7 - 2.0

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