Chocolate Malt - Dingemans - 1lb

Chocolate Malt - Dingemans - 1lb

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An excellent strongly roasted malt, Dingemans Chocolate malt is a must-have ingredient for brewing deeply dark beers such as Porter, Stout, Swarzbier, Black IPA, and many others. Kilned at a very high temperature to achieve the pitch black colour and strongly roasted taste, Chocolate malt delivers a pronounced roasted character with a touch of sweetness that remind of dark chocolate.

Description: When used in sparing amounts can be used to correct the colour of the beer without contributing sweetness like Caramel malts.

However, it is mainly used for obtaining a deep brown or black colour and distinct roasted flavour and aroma common to Stouts and Porters, which is achieved by adding only up to 5% of Chocolate malt to the grain bill.
  • Usage Rate: 1 - 5%
  • Degrees Lovibond: 340

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