Carastan - Bairds

Carastan - Bairds - 1lb

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A true modern classic, Bairds Carastan Malt is an excellent British crystal malt that is used for adding depth of flavour and body fullness to the beer.

Produced from the finest British 2-row barley that is roasted in a rotating drum, this caramel malt delivers a deep golden colour and a very distinct toffee, baked bread, caramel, and raisin flavour.

Description: It can be used in up to 20% of the grain bill with excellent results, though the flavour it imparts is usually more intense if compared to American crystal malts of the same colour value.

Carastan is an excellent ingredient that can be used to amplify the depth and complexity in a variety of beer styles, from Pale Ales and IPAs to Stouts and Scotch Ales.
  • Usage Rate: up to 20%
  • Degrees Lovibond: 30 - 40

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