CaraGold Malt - Castle

CaraGold Malt - Castle - 1lb

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CaraGold Malt by Castle Malting is a great caramel malt with a distinct character that can fit into a broad range of beer styles.

Delivering a significant amount of non-fermentable sugars, the main purpose of this ingredient is enhancing the body and bringing balance to the beer, while also improving head retention.

Note: All Castle products are GMO free and are transported in GMO free certified vehicles.


CaraGold Malt - Castle - 1lb

CaraGold delivers a deep golden to amber colour, while its flavour can be described by notes of dark caramel and toffee. It is particularly useful when brewing darker beer styles with up to 20% of the mix being the right amount, while also allowing colour adjustment in lighter beers with smaller additions.

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