Aromatic Malt - Simpsons

Aromatic Malt - Simpsons - 1lb

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Aromatic Malt by Simpsons is a very versatile ingredient you will surely enjoy brewing with. It is a highly kilned base malt, which means that it has a high enough diastatic power to be used as a base malt, while delivering a brown colour and a very intense flavour to the wort.

Aromatic Malt - Simpsons - 1lb

When used in as little as 5% of the grain bill Aromatic Malt imparts a pleasant honey flavour, which can be used for balancing Pale Ales, IPAs, Pilsners, and other light beers. Adding a larger amount will result in darker wort and a more pronounced malt character, which can be pushed as high as 50% for Brown Ales and British Porters. Aromatic Malt also balances the wort pH for better mash efficiency.
  • Colour: 19.3 - 26.8 °L (50-70 EBC)
  • Gravity: 1.036

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