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Dingemans Malt - Aromatic Kiln 50 (1lb)

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When you need to add a pleasant malty flavour and deep amber colour to your Trappist Ale or Amber Beer, Dingemans Aromatic Kiln 50 Malt offers an excellent opportunity to make your beer more complex and interesting. Kilned to a higher degree than most base malts, Dingemans Aromatic Kiln 50 has low enzymatic activity, which means that it can only be used with a large portion of base malts in the mash. 

Description: Dingemans Aromatic Kiln 50 Malt is just the ingredient you’ve been looking for to make your Amber Ales and Bocks even more flavourful and enjoyable. Kilned to a pleasant golden hue, this malt delivers a nice biscuity flavour and aroma to the beer, which improves complexity, especially in malt-forward beer styles.

Due to low diastatic power, the usage rate of Aromatic Kiln 50 shouldn’t exceed 30% of the grain bill, otherwise the starch conversion and mash efficiency will be rather low. An excellent malt to have in your inventory if you like brewing Bocks, Munich Lagers, Amber Ales, Belgian Trappist Ales, Brown and Dark Ales, Porters and Stouts.
  • Usage Rate: up to 30%
  • Degrees Lovibond: 19

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