Amber Malt - Simpsons

Amber Malt - Simpsons - 1lb

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The lightest of roasted malts produced by Simpsons, Amber Malt is characterized by a pleasant deep copper hue and a rich toasty flavour that can be incorporated into a broad variety of beer styles. It is roasted to a very light degree, so the resulting flavour is described clean, crisp, and dry, with notes of biscuit and grains.


Amber Malt - Simpsons - 1lb

Amber Malt is a very popular and versatile specialty malt that can be used in Porters, Stouts, Brown Ales, Old Ales, ESBs, Barleywines, and many other beers, with up to 20% of the grain bill contributing a very pleasant and complex flavour to the brew.
  • Colour: 20.8 - 27.2° L (54 - 71.1 EBC)

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