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Mash King Liquid Malt Extract - 33 lb Gold

  • $99.99

Mash King Golden Liquid Malt Extract 33lb jerrican is an excellent option for brewers, who need a versatile extract to brew with, and need a lot of it. Made from quality base and caramel malts, this liquid malt extract delivers a nice golden colour and a pleasant malty flavour that can serve as a base for a broad range of beer styles.

Add roasted grains or adjuncts to the mix and you will be able to make virtually any kind of beer with this malt extract. And what’s really great about it is the fact that it’s packaged in our Ontario, Canada facility, so you know it's fresh.

Country of Origin : Canada
Usage Rate % : up to 100%
Colour: Lovibond° 2.0 - 6.0 (EBC° 3.8 - 14.5)

Description: Mash King Golden Liquid Malt Extract is an excellent choice for making extract or partial mash beers of many types. It can also be effectively employed in all-grain beers when pushing the gravity to its upper limits or trying to obtain a nice, balanced flavour profile in your brew.

Frequent brewers and large system owners will surely appreciate the convenient packaging option that allows brewing large quantities of beer. Definitely a great thing to have in your brewing toolkit.

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