Ball Lock Jockey Box Setup

  • $224.99

If you’ve been thinking about serving your tasty brews at perfect chill temperatures regardless of the heat outside, the Ball Lock Jockey Box Setup is just the thing you need.

It’s a simple solution that allows you to chill your beer rapidly when serving it, without requiring a huge and expensive chiller.

All you need is some cold water or ice inside the jockey box, a keg of your brew and a CO2 tank connected to it, and you’re all set up for serving the perfect pint in the hot rays of the sun.

Description: The Ball Lock Jockey Box Setup is built around a sturdy 4 gallon Coleman plastic cooler that houses 60' of stainless steel coil. The compact coil chiller has a great surface area that allows for chilling the beer rapidly while serving.

The chrome plated faucet on the front of the cooler will dispense your beer with style, while the MK3 gas regulator will ensure perfect serving pressure and flow rate.

The kit comes with all the connections and tubing necessary for connecting a ball lock keg and a CO2 tank, as well as detailed instructions on how to assemble and use the equipment.

All you have to do is pick a place to camp and have those tasty brews ready for serving, the Ball Lock Jockey Box Setup will ensure the perfect temperature for having a great day anywhere you go.
  • 11" Tall
  • 16" Wide
  • 14" Front to Back(Including shank ends)
Features: Features:
  • 4 Gallon Cooler
  • 60' Stainless Steel Chiller Coil - 5/16" OD
  • Chrome Plated Faucet
  • Chrome Plated Cooler Wall Shank
  • MK3 Multi-Gas Regulator
  • Tail Assembly
  • 6' Thick Wall Beverage Line (Bevlex 200)
  • 1 Ball Lock Gas Disconnect
  • 1 Ball Lock Liquid Disconnect
  • Assembly Hardware Included
  • Jockey Box comes assembled, the rest requires assembly.
  • Stepless Clamp Instructions
  • Ball Lock Disconnect Instructions

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