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German Tradition Hop Pellets - 1 lb

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When you’re looking for that distinct traditional aroma of noble German hop varieties, German Tradition is definitely one of the best picks to go with. Boasting a rather moderate alpha acid content, this variety hailing from the world-famous Hallertau region is primarily employed during the later stages of the boil for its precious aroma.

With hints of nectar fruits, grassy and earthy notes, Tradition hops deliver the trademark character of German Lager beers, but can certainly be used in other styles as well. A very interesting variety to play around with.
Description: German Tradition is one of the most commonly used hops when it comes to brewing an authentic German Lager, and it takes only a single brewing session to understand why. With distinct floral, earthy, herbal and nectar fruit notes, this aroma variety lends German beers their distinct refreshing smell that goes well not only in traditional Lagers but other beer styles as well.

Due to a very modest alpha acid content, Tradition is not well suited for bittering additions, being primarily employed as a late aroma and dry hopping variety.
  • Alpha Acid: 4 - 7%
  • Beta Acid: 3- 6%
  • Co-humulone: 24 - 30%

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