Denali Hop Pellets - 1 lb

Denali Hop Pellets - 1 lb

  • $35.99

Usage: Dual Purpose

This Denali hop will have your IPA bursting with flavour, aroma depending how you choose to use this hop that may be used for bittering.

Description: Get ready for a tropical fruit explosion with your next IPA or Pale Ale when using Denali hops, because this variety is a true flavour bomb.

Derived from US Nugget and bred for its aromatic properties, the new Denali variety is described as having a truly unique aroma of zesty sweet lemon and pineapple. Somewhat similar in intensity to the more modern fruit-forward varieties such as Mosaic, Equinox or Amarillo, this new age hop still stands in a group of its own and delivers a mix of aromas like no other.

Try brewing with it just once and you’ll get why Denali has become so popular soon after its commercial launch.
  • Alpha: 15.0%
  • Beta: 4.5 - 7%
  • Co-H: 22 - 26%

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