Ss Brewtech FTSs² Heating Upgrade Kit | 7 & 14 Gallon Chronical Fermenters

Ss Brewtech Unitank/Chronical Fermenter FTSs² Heating Upgrade Kit

  • $179.99

Want to do more with your FTSs? This FTSs² upgrade kit for Unitanks and Chronical Fermenters will allow you to both chill and heat using the two-way switchable controller and the included heating pad.

With this upgrade and using your existing coil, neoprene jacket and lid, you can now easily use your FTSs system to the fullest.

Controller Problems? Perform a Factory Reset

Reprogram Temperature or Controller Settings

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  • 110-240V 8A power supply
  • Fermentation Temp Stabilization System
  • Accurately monitor and control temperatures
  • Heater pad sized to perfectly fit 7 and 14 Gallon Chronicals

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