Taprite FloJet "Beerjet" G56 - Air/Gas Operated Beer Pump - #50-1135-00

  • $167.99

Introducing the remarkable Taprite FloJet "Beerjet" G56 - Air/Gas Operated Beer Pump, a versatile solution for transferring beer or water effortlessly, even over long distances, utilizing the power of gas pressure.

With this pump, simply connect your liquid lines to the two ports and attach a gas line to the Brass barb. The gas pressure will effectively propel the liquid without any direct contact, ensuring a hygienic transfer process.

Designed with convenience in mind, the Taprite FloJet "Beerjet" G56 is an excellent tool for transferring or dispensing your beer with ease. Whether you're moving liquid between kegs, filling growlers, or serving beer from a remote location, this pump streamlines the process, making it efficient and reliable.

Please note: Not for use for transferring wort/hot liquids.

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