16 fl oz Saniclean Low-Foam, Acid Anionic Rinse

Saniclean Low-Foam, Acid Anionic Rinse - 16 fl oz (473 ml)

  • $13.29

A low-foam, acid anionic rinse for brewing and food applications.

Use as a final rinse after thoroughly cleaning with a good alkaline cleaner such PBW.

Use as a soaking submersion sanitizer, a spray sanitizer or a brush-on solution.

LOW foaming, perfect for any application where low foam is desired (ie: pump applications)

  • Broad spectrum, non rinse, food grade acid sanitizer
  • Not affected by organic materials
  • Do not use on soft metals or other porous materials
Caution: DO NOT MIX STAR SAN with chlorinated cleaners as chlorine gas will result

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