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Five Star 105 Defoamer - 2 fl oz (60 ml)

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Foam in beer is a precious sight that is favoured by all brewers. However, there are situations when foam is not as desirable and pleasant, especially when some product loss is involved. For instance, a lot of wort can get lost during the boiling stage or fermentation stage, which results in less precious beer in the keg or bottles.

In order to avoid such unpleasant situations, it’s always good to have Five Star 105 Defoamer in your brewing inventory. With this simple brewing additive you will be able to reduce undesired foaming and as a result get better efficiency and yield during your brewday.
Description: Five Star 105 Defoamer is a food-grade silicone emulsion that suppresses foam formation during various stages of beer production. Just a single drop of this agent in a 5 gallon homebrew batch can significantly improve the yield of your brewing system, since less foam will be produced during the boil, wort transfer, and fermentation.

You can safely add it during the boil or fermentation, as it won’t affect the flavour or aroma of your beer. And don’t worry about getting poor head retention after kegging or bottling – this agent won’t affect the visual appearance of your beer after it has been carbonated.

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