5.2 pH Stabilizer - 6 oz (170 g)

5.2 pH Stabilizer - 6 oz (170 g)

  • $11.99

The quality, hardness and subsequent pH of your water will affect the enzymatic activity and solubility of salts, proteins and sugars, as well as hop usage and perceived hop bitterness. Remember, water quality also contributes to scaling and minerals deposited on your equipment.

Description: Five Star 5.2 pH Stabilizer is comprised of various phosphate buffers that are in some ways similar to brewer’s salts, which are food-grade and safe to use in brewing water.

This blend of phosphates will lock in your brewing water at pH 5.2 regardless of the starting value and thus will help you get maximum mash efficiency, hop flavour extraction, starch conversion, enzymatic activity, yeast health, and many other things that will make a difference between a decent and a truly great beer.

Besides, the Stabilizer will also help get clearer wort and reduce mineral deposition in your brewing equipment.

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