Fermentasaurus Starter Kit

  • $166.99

Now available in Canada, this unique fermenter is made from a specialized PET grade plastic that can be pressurized up to 2.4 Bar. The plastic is transparent making it possible to view every step of the fermenting process. Another unique feature is its ability allow kegging right from the fermenter. No need to transfer the beer, serve it right from the Fermentasaurus. You can carbonate the beer right in the fermenter as well as collect and harvest yeast with the collection ball. >A short recap;

View the wort as it ferments

Collect and harvest yeast without racking

Carbonate and serve right from the same container

Save money without the need for extra equipment.

Introductory video found here:

  • Body: High Molecular Length PET
  • Volume: 35L (9.24 Gallons, 37 Quart)
  • Working Pressure: 2.4Bar (35psi) 
  • Burst Pressure: above 7Bar 
  • Test Pressure: 5Bar
  • 37 1/2" Tall
  • 13 1/2" Wide Body
  • ~15" Wide Stand
  • Airlock needs roughly 4" of clearance
Instructions: Download Instructions

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