Blichmann Cornical Fermentation Kit

  • $454.99

The Blichmann Cornical Fermentation kit is an innovative system designed to ferment, carbonate, and serve all from one vessel.

It can be used with various Blichmann kegs and comes equipped with a variety of fittings. Included is an adjustable pinch clamp for the tubing, blow-off valve, airlock, ball valve and much more.

The Blichmann Cornical Keg is required to complete the kit but is sold separately.

  • Fully integrated rotating racking arm with sanitary sampling valve
  • 1.5" TC sanitary butterfly dump valve (yeast harvesting and trub dumping)
  • All stainless steel sanitary fittings, keeps your beer contamination free
  • Modular design allows for unparalleled versatility
  • Allows for pressurization up to 50¬†PSI
  • Installing this kit allows your Blichmann keg to hold 7 gallons
  • Made in USA

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