Chugger Brew Pump - Polysulfone Inline

Chugger Brew Pump - Polysulfone Inline

  • $144.99

Ideal for a variety of homebrewing applications, the Chugger Brew Pump - Polysulfone Inline is the pump your brewhouse really needs.

Whether transferring water from HLT to Mash Tun, running the wort through a HERMS coil, transferring the wort to the Boil Kettle or running it through a wort chiller, this pump has the ideal flow rate, temperature tolerance and sturdiness to last you through hundreds of brews without any hassle.

If there’s one single piece of equipment that will make your brew days easier and smoother this pump is it!


The Chugger Brew Pump - Polysulfone Inline features a magnetic drive that can handle back pressure and is ideal for all homebrewing needs. The FDA-approved polysulfone impeller exhibits outstanding durability and temperature tolerance, while the sturdy lines and housing allow the pump to handle hot liquids up to 121°C. The pump provides a 7 gallon per minute flow rate that is optimal for all homebrewing applications in setups ranging from the standard 5 gallons to as large as a barrel. The inlet and outlets feature 1/2" NPT fittings that allow connecting your brew system with the most widely used hose types.

Important information: DO NOT RUN THE PUMP DRY! Make sure the head and lines are full before starting the pump.

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