Chugger Pump Mini Max - Center Inlet Stainless Steel Head

  • $299.99

If you're aiming to boost the flow rates of wort transfer for a more efficient and larger brewing setup, look no further than this mighty pump. With 30 times the horsepower of the starter Chugger pump, it's sure to meet your needs.

The Stainless Steel housing of this pump is designed to handle liquids at temperatures up to 250°F, ensuring its durability and reliability in demanding brewing environments. It's important to note that during pump operation, the inlet valve should never be restricted, while restricting the outlet is acceptable when necessary.

The front and rear housings of the Chugger Max pump are crafted from 316 Stainless Steel, providing exceptional durability for long-lasting performance. Additionally, the pump features sealed bearings, eliminating the need for regular oiling and simplifying maintenance.

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