Oaky D'Oaky Flavour Enhancer - 6 oz

Oaky D'Oaky Flavour Enhancer - 6 oz (170 g)

  • $7.19

Enriching your homemade cider with the citrus and barrel-aged flavour reminiscent to that of successful commercial barrel-aged ciders isn’t that hard when you have the Oaky D'Oaky Flavour Enhancer in your inventory.

Comprised of sweet orange peel and French oak chips, this spice mix will add a new level of complexity to your cider.

Just put it in the secondary fermenter and let it sit for several days before racking – you’ll certainly notice the difference even after such a short period of time.
Features: Contains:
  • 2 oz. Sweet Orange Peel
  • 4 oz. French Oak Chips
Description: While being primarily designed to be used in homemade ciders, the Oaky D'Oaky Flavour Enhancer can also be used in beer, wine, mead, or any other beverage where the rich and spicy barrel-aged character is desired.

In contrast to an actual oak barrel, which would require a lengthy period of time for maturation, with the flavoured oak chips obtaining the same results will require only a few days.

Preferably, use a muslin bag when putting the spice mix in the fermenter in order to avoid additional trub buildup. And you can also soak the chips in bourbon, whiskey, rum or any other strong liquor before adding, in order to get an even more complex flavour mix.

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