CBW Traditional Rye Liquid Malt Extract (LME) - 3.3lb

CBW Traditional Rye Liquid Malt Extract (LME) - 3.3lb

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When working on a Rye beer, in most cases you’d need to go all-grain with proper rye malt in order to get that distinct spicy rye character in the final product.

But with Briess CBW Rye Liquid Malt Extract you can avoid that and go straight to boiling, since this extract has everything you need to make a proper rye beer with sensible rye flavour.

When used on its own, it can provide a solid base for virtually all types of rye beers, from Rye IPAs to authentic German Roggenbier, or it can be integrated into a more complex recipe to get a really interesting, layered flavour.

Either way, Briess CBW Rye will help you get exactly the taste you want with your beer.

Country of Origin : United States
Usage Rate : up to 100%
Colour; Lovibond° 9 (EBC° 22.5)

Description: Briess CBW Rye Liquid Malt Extract uses traditional barley base malt, rye malt, and special caramel malt that emphasizes the spicy character of rye.

It provides a higher yield than typical grain malt mashes, and can be used as a sole source of fermentables in the beer, in conjunction with specialty malts and brewing sugars in partial mash recipes, or as a means to boost gravity, add flavour and colour to an all-grain mash.

A truly versatile ingredient with a character of its own.
Rye LME: Product Information & Typical Analysis

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