CBW Porter Liquid Malt Extract (LME) - 3.3lb

CBW Porter Liquid Malt Extract (LME) - 3.3lb

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Now you can brew a rich, tasty, malty Porter without having to play around with tons of specialty malts to get the balance right, since Briess CBW Porter Liquid Extract delivers everything you need in a neat package.

Just add the extract into the boiling kettle and you will have a rich, dark wort that will serve as the base for a really interesting dark ale. Add more specialty malts for enhanced complexity, or simply use more extract to get a Robust Porter or an Imperial Stout.

The choice is yours, and either way you will get a tasty, malty, roasted character English Porters are famous for.

Country of Origin : United States
Usage Rate : up to 100%
Colour; Lovibond° 17 (EBC° 43.9)

Description: Briess CBW Porter Liquid Malt Extract is made out of high quality base, caramel, and roasted malts produced by Briess and available commercially in grain form, which ensures top quality of the resulting beer.

It offers an excellent opportunity for optimizing your brew days, making them shorter and less messy, while also allowing all-grain brewers to obtain higher gravity and more complex flavour in their beers without using excessive amounts of malt in the mash.

Definitely a must-have for anyone willing to brew dark beers in a convenient fashion with the best ingredients out there.
Porter LME: Product Information & Typical Analysis

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