CBW Goldpils Vienna Liquid Malt Extract (LME) - 3.3lb

CBW Goldpils Vienna Liquid Malt Extract (LME) - 3.3lb

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Briess CBW Goldpils® Vienna Liquid Malt Extract is an excellent base liquid extract that can be integrated into a broad range of beer styles.

With a very light colour, and a rich malt-forward flavour profile, this extract will help you brew excellent light beers with a distinct flavour character. Or you can use adjuncts and specialty malts to expand your brewing options to virtually any style out there.

Either way, Goldpils Vienna will provide a solid foundation to build your beer upon.

Country of Origin : United States
Usage Rate : up to 100%
Colour; Lovibond° 6 (EBC° 14.5)

Description: All-grain brewers can also benefit from using Briess CBW Goldpils Vienna Liquid Malt Extract, as it will help to obtain higher gravity without pushing the mash tun to its limits, or provide colour and flavour adjustment when aiming for a more complex brew.

Made from proprietary Goldpils Vienna malt produced by Briess, this extract is an excellent high-quality source of fermentable sugars that will give you a lot of freedom and flexibility during the brewday, as it will shorten the entire process and help to minimize the cleaning afterwards.
Goldpils Vienna LME: Product Information & Typical Analysis

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