Clone Brews- Revised Addition - Szamatulski

Clone Brews- Revised Edition - Szamatulski

  • $19.99

Before you started brewing your own beer was there one or two commercial beers you enjoyed? Now you can mirror those beers with this revised edition of Clone Brews written by Tess and Mark Szamatulski. With recipes for 200 popular commercially brewed beers, you can learn how to brew great beers and save a few dollars.

Description: Brew your own clones of Magic Hat #9, Ithaca Brown, Moose Drool, Samuel Adams Boston Ale, and 196 more commercial beers!

Revised, improved, and expanded, this second edition of CloneBrews contains 50 brand-new recipes, updated mashing guidelines, and a food pairing feature that recommends the best fare to match every beer.

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