Blichmann ThruMometer - 3/8"

Blichmann ThruMometer - 3/8"

  • $29.49

This clever in-line thermometer is a must-have when it comes to using a counterflow or plate chiller and getting that wort temperature just right for fermentation.

Crafted from heat-treated, super-durable aluminum that resists corrosion. The thermometer allows you to effortlessly monitor temperatures between 58°F and a 88°F. It comes with handy 3/8" in and out posts, making it a breeze to connect. With a total length of 8 inches, it's compact and ready to join you on all your brewing adventures.


  • Heat-treated Aluminum
  • 58°F - 88°F
  • 3/8" OD In/Out Posts
  • 8" Length
  • Includes protective storage tube

Please note:  Clean only with a mild detergent with warm water. Do not soak with other metals to prevent galvanic corrosion. Thoroughly dry and store in the protective plastic tube.

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