Blichmann Thrumometer - 1/2"

Blichmann Thrumometer - 1/2" Posts

  • $29.49

This awesome in-line thermometer from Blichmann is the perfect tool for keeping an eye on the temperature of your precious wort during transfers.

It's super handy, especially when you're using a counterflow or plate chiller, ensuring you know exactly how hot (or cold) your wort is as it flows into the fermenter.

Crafted from specially treated aluminum that's highly resistant to corrosion, it's calibrated to read temperatures between a refreshing 58°F to a toasty 88°F, with convenient 1/2" in and out ports. This bad boy measures a sleek 8 inches in total length.

Important: Only clean using a mild detergent and warm water (up to 140°F). Avoid soaking with other metals to prevent any potential galvanic corrosion. And remember to dry it thoroughly and snugly store it in its trusty plastic tube after use.

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