Blichmann Stainless Steel Spunding Valve - 1.5" TC X 1/2" OD Barb

  • $114.99

This Stainless Steel Spunding Valve from Blichmann also features a ball lock gas post for pressurized fermentation. The Spunding Valve attaches to your fermenter with the 1.5" Tri-Clover fitting (gasket and clamp not included), and a ball lock gas post for attaching your gas source. A 1/2" OD barb is also featured on this valve so that you can attach a blow-off tube.

Using this pressurized fermentation system you can naturally ferment lager-like flavours using ale temperatures. Significantly reducing the esters and lowering the levels of diacetyl, were two of the advantages that the research found when Blichmann and White Lab Yeasts collaborated on this Spunding Valve.

This Spunding valve may also be used for counter-pressure transfers and you can make fine adjustments to the pressure from 0 - 35 PSI.

For more information please refer to the Blichmann Spunding Valve manual.

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