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Blichmann Quick Carb

  • $264.99

This Blichmann Quick Carb is an innovative way to carbonate or to oxygenate beer with the same tool.

As a carbonation tool, it can carbonate a 5-gallon keg in just an hour. As an oxygenating tool, connect the quick-carb tool to an oxygen regulator before pitching the yeast.

  • Guaranteed to be 90% carbonated and ready to drink in less than an hour
  • No risk of over carbonation
  • Quiet and reliable
  • Easy to clean and sanitize
  • Works great for all beer styles
  • All Stainless Steel diffusion stone and QuickConnector ensures it is sanitary and easy to clean
  • Included 10 micron diffusion stone is strong and durable. Allows sanitzer to fully penetrate
  • Circulation pump is gentle and powered by a basic DC transformer
  • Allows you to take advantage of inline oxygenation
  • Simply attach an oxygen regulator and use the QuickCarb components to oxygenate your wort prior to pitching your yeast

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