Blichmann Boilermaker Hop Blocker

  • $118.59

The Blichmann Hopblocker serves as a two-stage filtration system. In the initial stage, a coarse filter is responsible for drawing liquid from above the level of the hops. The subsequent stage employs a fine filter to capture the denser liquid near the bottom of the kettle.

During the process of transferring the wort and draining it, it is advisable to decrease the speed of the draining process once it reaches approximately 3 inches above the drain. By utilizing the hook to lift the screen while applying pressure on the blocker, the fine filter effectively captures any remaining hop debris, ensuring more efficient wort extraction. The Hopblocker is particularly well-suited for the Boilermaker kettle from Blichmann, effectively preventing hops from entering and potentially clogging the filter.


  • Two-stage Hop Filter System
  • Knockout for Kettle Dip Tube
  • Hook Lifts the second stage door
  • 5 5/8" H x 3 3/4" W

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