Blichmann Boilermaker Hop Blocker

  • $99.99

The Blichmann Hopblocker is a stage two filtration system. The first stage is a coarse filter that draws liquid from above the level of the hops. The second stage is a fine filter for the thick liquid near the bottom of the kettle.

Once you begin to transfer the wort and drain to about 3 inches above the drain, slow the draining process. Pull the screen up using the hook as you hold down on the blocker. This will allow the fine filter to catch the finer hop debris remaining while getting more of the wort out. The Hopblocker is the best choice for the Boilermaker kettle to keep the hops from entering the filter and clogging it.

  • The Hopblocker is 5.625" tall and 3.75" wide at the base
  • This Hopblocker works best with the Blichmann Boilermaker kettle

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