Blichmann Hellfire Stand Mounted Burner

Blichmann Hellfire Stand Mounted Burner

  • $209.99

For OUTDOOR USE ONLY, this Hellfire Stand Mounted Burner from Blichmann gives you two power options.

If you are looking for efficiency you've got it with 80,000BTU - or crank up the power to produce 140,000BTU. The choice is yours.

  • Heavy-duty rust-free stainless steel frame.
  • Heat Shield that ensures heat stays away from important components.
  • Fully adjustable retaining bars to ensure your kettle/pot is stationary and secure.
  • Choose between two separate modes: Efficiency(80,000BTU) or Power(140,000).
  • Intended to be used outdoors. The fully encompassing body protects against wind.
  • Installation Kit comes standard, allowing you to attach a TopTier Modular Brewing Stand.

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