Blichmann HellFire Burner

HellFire Burner

  • $244.99

Whenever you need to pack a punch and bring up your wort to a boil with style, this HellFire Burner™ is exactly the thing you need in your inventory.

Living up to its name, this high power burner can deliver a flame dense enough to heat up common 5 gallon batches within just a few minutes or allow you to brew larger batches. And with the adjustable retaining bars you will be able to secure brewing kettles of up to 19.5 inches in diameter, which makes this burner a truly versatile tool.

Important notice: Intended for outdoor use only.

Description: Made out of heavy duty stainless steel, the HellFire Burner™ is guaranteed to never rust, making it a reliable component of your brewhouse. With 80,000 BTU in Efficiency mode and a whopping 140,000 in Power mode, this monster delivers an energy punch necessary to bring a common 5 gallon batch to a rolling boil within just a few minutes.

Its patent-pending stainless steel wind shield protects the valves and other components from the scorching heat, while also ensuring flame stability and even heat dispersion throughout the cooking area. Just make sure you have enough gas in the tank or a natural gas converter in your inventory to feed this beast, because it will help you tame hell fire and make it part of your brewing setup.

It mounts to the same stand as the TopTier™ burner, making upgrading a breeze.

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