Blichmann Tower of Power Temperature Sensor

Blichmann Tower of Power Temperature Sensor

  • $89.99

The Blichmann temperature sensor for the Tower of Power automates everything related to homebrewing. The temperature sensor is the central part of this device as it allows the monitoring of the temperature for better machine-assisted decisions. If the sensor on your Tower of Power has stopped working, this is the replacement part.

It can monitor the temperature of the wort, turn on and off the burner, and even stop the pump from sparging without having to lift a finger. With this innovative tool, the resulting wort pumped from the brew kettle is always clear. It is appropriately named the Tower of Power as it does everything for you without the need to monitor.

You can install this sensor in any existing 1/2" hole in your pot with an optional adapter bushing or place it into a hole you drill, coupled to a 1/2" NPT fitting.

  • Designed to be fully compatible with the Blichmann Tower of Power
  • The Tower of Power is a trademark device engineered by Blichmann
  • Made from Class A precision RTD temperature sensor
  • Can be installed in a 1/2" hole drilled on the pot
  • Can also be installed to a 1/2" NPT fitting
  • Comes with an optional adapter bushing

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