Brewer's Best Licorice Drops

Brewer's Best Licorice Drops

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Add the distinct flavour of black licorice to your next homebrew batch with Licorice Drops.

This condiment is a must-have for those, who love experimenting with dark beers and want to obtain really interesting flavours. Some of the more renown and classier commercial porter beers have Licorice Drops in their recipes, so now you can also get that distinct aroma and complexity in your dark brew.

Yet again, true to the experimental spirit of homebrewing, you can use this condiment in just any beer style with interesting results.

Description: A single Licorice Stick is sufficient for brewing 2-3 standard 5 gallon homebrew batches.

Add the licorice stick during the boil to obtain the distinct flavour and aroma, but take note that it will also contribute some bitterness to the beer as well, especially if boiled for a longer period of time.

Besides its peculiar aromatic and tasting properties, Licorice Sticks also contains certain enzymes that promote head retention in the beer, and also help reduce excessive foaming.

It is a truly unique condiment that can turn a good beer into a great one by expanding its range of flavours and aromas. So make sure to grab at least one Licorice Stick and try it out in your next experimental batch.

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