Dried Japones Chiles (20z)

Dried Japones Chiles - 2 oz (56 g)

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Add some flair to your next Imperial Stout or Quadrupel with these Dried Japones Chiles.

These peppers are an absolute flavour bomb, and go really well in brewing or cooking.

Just make sure to use them sparingly in your recipe, since they are really hot and will make your face melt even if you consider yourself a chili pepper aficionado. We're talking 40,000 to 100,000 Scoville units here in different peppers (a Jalapeño is usually less than 10,000).

Yes, that’s a lot, so you should be careful even when handling them, not to mention using them in your food or home brew.

Caution: Make sure to handle the peppers while in gloves, or avoiding any contact with the eyes or other sensitive areas when touching them barehanded. Wash hands thoroughly using soap after handling the peppers.
Usage: When used correctly, Dried Japones Chiles can enhance certain beer styles with an amazing spicy flavour and aftertaste.

Traditionally used in Mexican, Latin American and Caribbean cuisine, these peppers are also very popular in Japan and China due to their extreme heat and distinct flavour. We recommend experimenting with very small amounts of Dried Japones Chiles in your brews in order to dial in the right amount for your next recipes.

The packet contains 2 ounces of dried peppers, which amounts to approximately 60-70 individual peppers. That"s more than enough to brew several batches of spicy beer.

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