Six Piece Brew Kettle Kit - 8 Gallons

  • $389.99

For those looking for an all-in-one brew kettle that can perform a variety of tasks, the Bayou Classic Six Piece Brew Kettle Kit - 8 Gallons will certainly prove to be a great investment.

Built around a heavy duty 8 gallon (30 litre) stainless steel pot, this kit delivers reliability and versatility that will make your brew days a lot simpler and efficient.

This kit allows brewing extract, partial mash and all-grain batches with ease, while obtaining the best results possible.
Description: The stock pot at the core of the Bayou Classic Six Piece Brew Kettle Kit is made out of 22 gauge stainless steel, which ensures top heat retention, is very easy to clean, and will last you a lifetime.

The kettle is designed to provide a perfect fit for the false bottom included with the kit, which allows using the vessel as a mash/lauter tun.

The bazooka screen that fits perfectly to the ball valve from inside the kettle helps filtering the wort from trub after the boil.

The ball valve and probe thermometer are also included, while the heat screen will protect these accessories when fitted from the heat of the flame during the boil.

So if you're looking for reliability and versatility right out of the box, this splendid kit will surely do the trick.
Includes: Comes with:
  • 30.3 litre, 22 gauge stock pot
  • Domed lid
  • Brew spigot
  • Brew thermometer
  • Stainless steel heat shield
  • Bazooka screen
  • False bottom
  • 2 wrenches for assembly

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