Anvil High Performance Burner

High Performance Burner

  • $162.99

The Anvil High-Performance Burner is exactly what you expect of the name.

This sturdy, versatile, adjustable and high-powered burner can put out a ridiculous amount of energy and holds kettles of up to 20 gallons.

It will be the ultimate addition to your homebrewing inventory. It will help you get your water ready for mash-in or take the wort to a rolling boil in a short period of time, making the brewday easier and less tedious.

Is there anything else you could ask from a burner?

Features: Thanks to the adjustable leg design of the Anvil High Performance Burner it is easy to set the burner on a not-that-even surface, set it to the desired height and rest assured that the kettle will remain stable throughout the brewing process.

The cast aluminum burner is quite light, which makes it easy to handle before and after use, while providing a serious 45,000 BTU output that is more than suitable for batches of up to 20 gallons in volume.

The broad wind shield protects the flame from unwanted disturbance by the elements, while also keeping all the other components shielded from the heat, distributing it evenly throughout the cooking area.

The burner comes equipped with a regulator, hose and propane tank connector. Intended for outdoor use only.

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