Anvil 7.5 Gallon Brew Kettle

Anvil 7.5 Gallon Brew Kettle

  • $349.99

The 7.5 Gallon Brew Kettle by Anvil is the piece of hardware you’ve been looking for to take your brewing setup to the next level. This excellent stainless steel kettle is designed for optimal performance and is ideal for brewing smaller batches.

This brew pot comes with all the accessories you’ll need to start brewing right of the box, such as a two piece ball valve and a probe thermometer. Simple, elegant and reliable, this kettle will last you for countless batches and help you brew the best beers out there.

Description: With the 7.5 gallon (28.4 litre) overall volume this kettle will allow you to brew common 5 gallon or larger batches with ease.

The printed volume markings inside the kettle will help you keep the wort volume in check, while also being really simple to clean.

The thick stainless steel walls ensure optimal heat retention, while the Tri-Clad bottom prevents wort scorching and also makes the vessel compatible with induction heating elements.

The kettle is easy to carry around thanks to the comfortable handles, and transferring the wort will be a breeze thanks to the two piece ball valve.

The famous Anvil craftsmanship is embodied in this beautiful boiling kettle and it will certainly prove to be a splendid addition to your brewing setup!
Features: Features:
  • 7.5 gallon capacity
  • Thick SS304 walls
  • Certified food grade
  • Tri-clad bottom
  • Printed on volume markings
  • Sturdy lid that can rest on handles
  • Anvil Weldless Brewing Thermometer
  • Anvil Two Piece Ball Valve
  • Anvil Dip Tube

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